Weigh in – Week 3

I have new scales! Hurrah! So I can get an accurate reading each week now. This week I weighed in at:


Sorry for the rubbish photo – I used my old iPhone in low light this morning. I’d have probably weighed a little less this week if we hadn’t gone out for dinner last night (ate loads!). But hopefully things will look a little better next week. There are some books that I am desperate to buy and I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any until I got to 17 stone! So I really need to sort it out!

I have managed to keep up with the 10,000 steps a day, which I won’t be upping this week as it’s a struggle to get to them at the moment. I have also had a bit of a set back in my recovery unfortunately as I seem to have irritated my incision (probably from all the movement) so I’m staying there for now.

My steps for last week are as follows:

Monday: 11,085
Tuesday: 11,082
Wednesday: 10,317
Thursday: 10,025
Friday: 10,499
Saturday: 10,166
Sunday: 10,047


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