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The 15kg scrap challenge

£30 scrap challenge

This year I have set myself a bit of a challenge alongside trying to expand my general creative skills. Sustainability in fashion is something we all need to think about. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. With the rise of fast fashion, producing low quality items made by underpaid, badly treated people working in terrible conditions, we really need to think about where our clothing comes from and how it’s made. Thankfully this has received a lot of press over recent years and people are opening their eyes.

I am guilty of owning pieces of fast fashion. I think we probably all are. I try to make it last as long as possible, mending whenever I can. So I thought I would set myself this challenge. I saw that Minerva crafts had their 1kg bags of scrap fabric on sale for £2.99, so I bought 15 bags. I’m a member of their craft club, so I got a further 10% off. Therefore, I ended up paying £40.37 for 15kg of scrap fabric. I also got some stuffing and interfacing within the bags.

So I’ll be dipping into this throughout the year and seeing what I can produce. I’m thinking of selling some items on Etsy, depending on what I make. I’ll keep everyone updated on here and on my Instagram ❤️