Beauty Appreciation – Maya Rudolph

Another SNL’er, the Goddess, Maya Rudolph.

Maya Rudolph is the daughter of singer Minnie Riperton, best known for the song ‘Loving You’. Maya is a fantastic singer herself as demonstrated on her time at SNL.

Maya has appeared in many awesome films, in particular Bridesmaids, Idiocracy, Sisters and Life of the Party. She was also hilarious as Dionne Warwick in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, amongst many other fantastic roles.



Beauty Appreciation – Helena Bonham-Carter

For this weeks ‘Beauty Appreciation’ post, I chose Helena Bonham-Carter. I love her individual style aesthetic and that she is not afraid to go against the ‘norm’. Her acting career has seen her play characters in period films, to more gritty roles like the amazing ‘Marla Singer’ in ‘Fight Club’. She comes across as incredibly strong and I adore her.

I was even lucky enough to see her perform ‘Sally’s Song’ at the Royal Albert Hall a few years back. I couldn’t believe it when she walked out on stage!

She’s amazing…


Beauty Appreciation – Melissa McCarthy

For this weeks ‘Beauty Appreciation’ post, I have picked Melissa McCarthy. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think where I first came across Melissa McCarthy. I knew about her pre-Bridesmaids, but I just can’t think where. I also came across Gilmore Girls late, so it wasn’t from there. Ah! Just reading her Wiki page, it was Samantha Who? That’s where I first saw her! Awesome show!!

She’s amazing! I love funny women and find Melissa McCarthy particularly inspiring. A dream of mine would have been to become a comedienne and be part of SNL. The ultimate dream! I’m just no where near talented enough! Melissa has hosted and guest appeared many times.


On Friday, I decided to rent ‘Life of the Party’, but I didn’t really know much about this film.


OMG! It was so funny! Basically Melissa’s character returns to university for a year to graduate, joining the same university as her daughter. It made me think of when I returned to university in 2015 for just over a year, studying Fashion & Textiles, starting the same year as my Niece and Nephew (all different universities though). Most of my fellow students where just less than half my age. There is one character that reminded me of my friend Alison lol. I had a great time and hated to leave, but I just couldn’t afford it with our mortgage and my Husband covering all the bills. My student loan didn’t go too far to help with the bills. Anyway, this film really took me back (in an extreme way obviously). It was weird hanging out with girls half my age, but they were all so awesome and none of them made me feel old. In fact, everyone there thought I was mid twenties, including one of my tutors, who was shocked to find out my age, which was nice!


What I was surprised about was that none of the younger girls were bitchy, which was refreshing and shocking to me, especially on a fashion degree! The other mature students though, VERY two-faced and bitchy! I cut ties with them very quickly. I made some great friends during my time there, age really is just a number. I have friends older too. I think it’s healthy to have friends of all ages.

The film also stars Maya Rudolph and Chris Parnell (who are beyond amazing!) It’s a great film, I totally recommend it!

As well as being a film star & comedienne, Melissa is also a fashion designer ❤️ Melissa McCarthy – Seven7. According to their website, the Seven7 brand originated in Europe in the 1960’s. I know Evans had a Se7en range in the 90’s as I used to have a pair of jeans from there, so I’m wondering if they’re connected? They’re both plus size too, so it’d make sense.

Anyway, she’s awesome and she loves dogs too, so seriously, can she get any better?!

and I had to include some of her SNL sketches didn’t I?

Beauty Appreciation – Tina Fey

I’ve adored Tina Fey for so long. 30 Rock will be one of my favourite box sets of all time. She is so talented, funny, inspirational and a stone cold fox to boot. She’s a massive Star Wars fan which is well known, but very evident from watching 30 Rock.

She has helped to really change the face of comedy for women. She was the first female head writer at SNL (Saturday Night Live), wrote Mean Girls and later turned it into a Broadway musical, created 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She’s phenomenal.


Female Style Icons

As part of some research I was doing for my clothing and accessories business, I started looking online for pictures of people who I think are style icons. I know there are people that are considered great style icons generally, for example, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, etc., but I wanted to include people that I have always thought had a fantastic sense of style and who shone out to me specifically (although of course, Audrey, Marilyn and Elizabeth do, but we’ve seen their photos a million times). Here are my particular favourites at the moment (in no particular order):

Barbra Streisand

Joanna Lumley

Sarah Jessica Parker


Kate Moss

Sigourney Weaver

Diane Keaton

Cyndi Lauper

Tina Fey

Gwendoline Christie

Morgana Robinson

Megan Mullally

Helen Mirren

Salma Hayek



Helena Bonham-Carter

Lena Heady

Cate Blanchett

Carol Kane

Vivienne Leigh

Beauty Appreciation – Megan Mullally

According to IMDB, Megan Mullally is 60 this year…


So I wanted to start a little ‘beauty appreciation’ series on my blog. Women that look amazing and inspire, and who I just ADORE. I had to start with Megan Mullally.

I first saw her in Will & Grace back in the 90s, and was lucky enough to see her live with with her Husband, Nick Offerman at the Hammersmith Apollo a few years back (I can’t wait to get their book The Greatest Love Story Ever Told). Not only is she gorgeous, hilariously funny, but she is also in a band (check out Nancy and Beth) .

I feel like I am at a point in my life where I’m kind of starting again, and at my age that is a little scary. I used to feel like time was running out and that I was getting to an age where I might as well give up trying to look nice. I used to feel older than I am (I think my health didn’t help with that!) But I’m only 41, and people like Megan Mullally show that you can look beautiful and sexy at any age, and that age is just a number. I adore her, you know you do too!

Megan Mullally ladies and gentlemen (photos are from her instagram):