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DMC Cocker Spaniel Cross Stitch Kit

Golden Cocker Spaniel cross stitch

When I was a teenager, I really enjoyed cross stitch. I hadn’t done any in, probably over 20 years!, so I decided to buy a few kits back in May/June 2018 as I had a big operation looming and knew that I would require something that I could do curled up in bed or sat on the sofa to alternate with reading, as recovery was going to take a few months.

I took this kit into hospital with me, but didn’t get a chance to even take it out my bag. I ended up only staying in 2 nights and the first 24 hours I was on a lot of morphine, and it was then a couple of weeks before I could actually sit up comfortably for any length of time. I made a start on it, but then put it aside for a few months.

I eventually finished it last year and love it! The reason I chose this cross stitch is because of my gorgeous golden cocker spaniel, Ziggy, who was the light and laughter in my recovery. In 2019 we were lucky enough to be able to give a home to his twin sister and litter mate, Luna. It’d be great to create a cross stitch of the two of them. I know you can get photographs converted into cross stitch charts, so I’ll have to look into that at some point!