If money were no object – Pets

Our pets are like our children, particularly our dogs. I love spending money on them. They’re ID tags are handmade in California and all of our dogs have had matching ones made. We try to give them as good a life as possible which got me thinking, if money were no object, what could we buy them?

We try to feed them the best food possible, so they have Lily’s Kitchen biscuits. I also home cook for them sometimes to change it up a bit. They also like the Lily’s Kitchen tinned food. If money were no object, I would feed them the Lily’s Kitchen tinned daily, with the biscuits, but for now they have normally have some butchers tinned meat mixed in with their biscuits or cheese, cooked beef, chicken, tuna etc.

We rent an enclosed field for them to play in occasionally. If money were no object, I’d love to do this daily.

We also took one of our previous dogs swimming a few times. If money were no object, It’d be great to do this weekly.

mimi swimming

If money were no object, we’d also like to take them to training classes and work through the Kennel Club Good Citizenship awards (although, with Leia it’d be interesting!!). The place we’re looking at also do group walks which it would be great to be a part of. I think it is so SO important to socialise your dogs!

If money were no object, I’d like to put them in Doggy Day Care once a week to socialise. In all honesty, I’m not too keen on most Doggy Day Care centres, but the one that I would use, that Ziggy has been to a couple of times, is run by trainers and behaviourists and really well organised.

If we had a larger garden, and if money were no object, I would love to get an enclosure attached to our house for the cats:


This is from ProtectaPet. I’d love to get a larger version of this so that our indoor cats can have some time outside but be safe.

If money were no object, I’d buy the cats a ‘Cat exercise wheel’:


This is from Pet Planet – £199. I’m sure our cats would love it, particularly Vito.

Oh my! If money were no object, I’d buy a couple of these for days out:


The Fortnum & Mason – 1 person Champagne rambler picnic with dog biscuits! 

If money were no object, I’d buy each of the dogs these awesome ‘Christmas Eve Boxes’:


These are from Not On The High Street.Com, from the seller ‘Modo Creative‘.

Probably one of the most amazing dog ranges I have seen are the Tiffany & Co pet collection:

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 16.40.21

If money were no object, I’d probably buy the lot, but I’d love to get the collar charms. I’d be scared to use the bowls incase I broke them.

If money were no object, I’d buy a ‘Litter Robot‘. A self-cleaning cat litter tray!

litter robot

If money were no object, I’d love to get something like this for Leia:


This is available from ‘Turnbull and Thomas Fine Furnishings‘.

There are also many luxury hotels that allow dogs too. We stayed at Hotel Endsleigh last year with Ziggy and are looking forward to going back again with Leia also. If money were no object, we would book luxury getaways with the dogs regularly, in particular with Hotel Endsleigh, it’s such a fabulous place.

Here are some pictures of Ziggy staying with us there:

What luxury pet items would you like to buy your pet? Have you stayed in any luxury hotels with them? How did you find it? Please comment below and let me know xx


Our Furry Family

I will write a proper ‘About Me’ page at some point, but for now, I wanted to introduce our furry kids. They are amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Our dogs – Ziggy and Leia

Ziggy is our gorgeous Cocker Spaniel who we met when he was just 3 weeks old. He was born on what would have been David Bowie’s 70th birthday. We did lots of research and were lucky to find a fantastic breeder. We were able to visit him 3 times before we brought him home at 8 weeks, so built up a fantastic bond with him. We really wanted to make sure we raised him right, so we made sure he experienced so many things throughout puppyhood. He went to many puppy parties, puppy training, stayed in fancy hotels and came for lots of meals out with us. He is such a confident happy boy and has been amazing for his big sister, Leia.

Leia is our beautiful Afghan Hound that we homed through a rescue in China that rescues Greyhounds from the dog meat trade. We cannot believe how amazing she is after everything she has gone through. There are times when she is hard work, but she is so worth it and Ziggy has been instrumental in helping her live a life over here.

Our cats – Romero and Vito

Romero (semi long haired) was named after George Romero and Vito was named after Vito Corleone from The Godfather.

Our dogs that are no longer with us – Mimi & Vader (also Afghan Hounds)

I will be blogging more about them, in particular Leia’s journey on my blog ‘Pampawed’ (which I’m yet to start!) I will also be turning it into a business, selling collars, leads, treats, etc.

Sentimental items & memories

After listening to Sali Hughes talk to Caroline Hirons on Woman’s Hour yesterday (you can listen here. It starts at 11:30 to 17:00) it got me thinking about sentimental items and memories of my Nan.

My Nan was fabulous. I remember her looking after me after school while my Mum & Dad were working and every Wednesday, we would go to the hairdressers and she would have a shampoo and set. I loved the smell of the hairdressers, I don’t know what it was, but I associated it with everyone being really happy and chatty, everyone looking their best and, of course, spending time with my Nan.

The hairdressers that she used to go to was in the next road down from our house (our Nan lived with us after my Grandfather (or Papa as I called him, died) and it looked pretty much like any of the homes on the street except for a sign above the door. You walked in the front door and in the entrance way was a place to hang your coats and pick up one of those coveralls that tie at the back (they’d drape a towel over your shoulders to stop any hair or colour, etc from falling onto your clothes). To the left as you walked through was the barbers (I used to think that looked so boring) and then you walked into a large room with 4 stations, and a big clock on the wall and to the right, at the front was the reception, which was just a desk really with the price list on the wall behind. I remember all the tip jars with the hairdressers names on them. Whenever I had my hair cut there, I always asked if I could put the tip in my hairdressers jar, it was great fun to me as a child and my childlike way of saying thank you.

Next to the reception desk was the waiting area, which also doubled as the hair drying station as it was made up of those old hair drying units, where a big devise came down over your head to dry your hair, and on from that was the hair washing station. It blows my mind that I can remember it all so easily, it was about 30 years ago!

I loved it there so much, I enjoyed going with my Nan and watching her have her hair done and loved people watching and listening in to all the chats.

I remember offering my hourly services at the hairdressers for 10p per hour on a Saturday when I wasn’t at school. Barry, the owner said to ask when I was older, but I stupidly never did (not that I would have accepted 10p per hour then!).

It makes me think how important scent is to us. I know Sali talks about this in her second book ‘Pretty Iconic’ and it’s something I will write another blog post on later.

I have a couple of things to remember my Nan by. A little china lion that I loved as a child (I’ve always had an obsession with lions!) and it has been with me everywhere I have lived and it’s kept firmly away from our pets so that they don’t knock it off and break it. My Mum also has an old ring that used to belong to my Nan’s Grandmother which I have been meaning to collect. Another amazing memory of time with my Nan was sitting with her and talking through her jewellery box. I was fascinated by all the sparkly things and the history behind them.

I remember my Nan was a fan of Yardley, in particular, Lily of the Valley, so I bought a bottle of that for me and my Mum recently, so we can have a sniff and it remind us of her. I was chatting to my Mum about this too, and she told me that my Grandfather (Papa) used to buy my Nan ‘Tweed’, so I shall have to find a bottle of this too.

I also have a huge love for Tiffany’s because of my Nan. Not because she shopped there (that I’m aware of), but my Nan’s favourite song ‘Moon River’ was used in the film (Breakfast at Tiffany’s), and it grew from there. My Husband and I took my beautiful Niece to the Royal Albert Hall to watch the film with a live orchestra a few years back

and when we went to New York last year (our first holiday abroad together and my first time on a plane), my Husband took me to Tiffanys on 5th Avenue and bought me a beautiful whistle necklace to whistle train our puppy Ziggy, that we had just put a deposit on at the time. It’s amazing how one association can grow 

Here are a couple of photos of my Nan, she was fabulous 

My Nan and Papa’s wedding day:


I also get my entrepreneurial spirit from my Nan and Papa. They used to run pubs and hotels. It has always been a dream of mine to one day, open my own hotel, we’ll see…

Here they are outside ‘The Red Lion’ that they used to run (with my Mum and their dog (Tucker I think):