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Digital Textile Design – Tutorial 2 – Creating Complex Colour Blends

Working in Illustrator, as well as Photoshop this time. This was a very confusing tutorial. A lot of the things it told me to do, I couldn’t do. Like copying in Illustrator and then pasting in Photoshop. The book is a few years old, so perhaps on earlier versions of Illustrator and Photoshop you were able to do this. I worked through the tutorial as best as I could, to create the same image that the book was telling me to do. It has taught me how to use the blend tool, which I didn’t know before (or at least couldn’t remember if I did).

I really didn’t like this tutorial and I certainly didn’t like the results. I think it’s important to do these tutorials to learn though. They teach you the basics so that you can then use that knowledge to create your own designs. After working through the book, it’ll be interesting to use different methods from each tutorial to combine them to create something of my taste.

Tutorial 2


Geometric Kate Bush using Adobe Illustrator


Back in 2016, when I was on a summer break from university, I decided to try and expand my Adobe Illustrator skills. YouTube has been a great source of information for sewing for me, so I decided to search what Illustrator videos were on there and came across this one to create a geometric picture.

I just sat in front of the TV with my laptop and played about with a Kate Bush photograph that I got from google. I didn’t intend to spend so much time on it and make it so detailed, it just kind of went that way. I wanted it to be more blocky from the outer edges and make her face more detailed. I love how it turned out and got a massive print out of it to frame and put on a wall at home.

Do you have Illustrator? Have you followed this tutorial? I’d love to see what you’ve created! Please post below any artwork you have created, or any tutorials you swear by =)