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CoCoVid Weekend


It’s been a while since I updated my blog. Since the pandemic began, I lost my creative mojo. I’ve been trying to force myself over the last few months, but thats never the way is it?

However, I feel my creative mojo coming back with thanks to the CoCovid weekend that is currently going on on YouTube.

Every year there is a fabulous event called ‘Costume College‘ in California. I came across it watching YouTube videos of the event last year and I would love to attend at some point (if my confidence and anxiety will allow me). As this years was cancelled, members of CosTube have created an online event over this weekend. These CosTube members are uploading videos to their YouTube channels over these 4 days. I’m a little late to the party, but I believe the videos will be available for the next week or two at the very least (depending on the individual channel). They have also created a Discord server for people to interact with each other over the weekend.

At Costume College, you’re able to collect unique ribbons by attending events and classes, and CoCovid have given us the ability to collect badges by downloading a free Badgewallet app. I’ve already collected 3 (as I said, I’m late to the party!) and I’m looking forward to collecting more.

I’ve printed off the CoCovid programme and I’m looking forward to jumping into more videos in a minute, but I wanted to come on and post on here about it before the weekend is over. It’s making me so excited to start sewing again and perhaps even become a member of the CosTube community myself at some point.

You can find all the information on their Instagram page with links to all the good stuff:


New project – Butterick B5951 pattern

new project leopard print dress

This is the pattern for the first dress I ever made. I was supposed to pick an easy dress to take to a weekend class at a local college (in my defence it says it’s an easy pattern on the back of the pack). I don’t think the tutor was too impressed, but she helped me make it and it turned out ok. I took the pattern into my local Fabricland and asked their help explaining my situation. This was many many years ago, 2013 I think, before I knew anything about sewing and before I went to university. They weren’t particularly helpful in the shop (online they have given great customer service). The member of staff clearly was irritated that I didn’t really know anything, wasn’t sure what fabric to buy for the pattern, etc and it was obvious she just wanted to get rid of me. She ended up selling me a thick cotton twill fabric that was way too heavy for this pattern and my tutor wasn’t too happy, but it kind of ended up working, thanks to my tutor. I have to admit, I’ve never worn the dress, so that probably says everything about it really. It’s just bulky and not the most comfortable to wear. I’ll probably upcycle it into something else at some point.

Anyway, I have decided to give the pattern another go! I love the design and I am comfortable sewing now to a certain extent. I wanted to sew myself a dress in leopard print fabric and thought this design would work well (I’m sewing style C).

I bought the fabric from Pound Fabrics in May last year. I bought 10 metres for £10 (so I should have quite a lot left!) It’s a polyester fabric (which I would probably avoid now, but it was in my stash waiting to be used). It has a copyright printed on it saying ‘Copyright Gerry Weber Art – 70900 Season 2142-K4’ I have googled Gerry Weber and it is a clothing company, so I’m assuming this is left over fabric sold to the retailer to sell on?

I’m excited to get going with it!